A domain is the highest form of address on the World Wide Web. The reason is primarily the direct result of what is called first-position addressing. To illustrate what first-position addressing means, here is a comparison between a Domain address and a Website address.

Let us say that you own a company named, MYBIZNES , and you want to use this name as your domain name. This is how your address would look ...

If you don't want to have your own domain, you can rent website space on someone else's domain. Let us say you rented website space from BEBís domain. Your address would be...

Originally, computers connected to the Internet were identified only by their IP numeric addresses. For example, the numeric address of BEBNET.COM is Using IP numeric addresses can be confusing and difficult to remember. As a solution, a text-based addressing system was developed, called the Domain Name System (DNS).

The DNS system takes care of translating domain names into IP numeric addresses. When you type on your web browser the address "", the DNS system knows that you are actually trying to call "".




For people who consider the World Wide Web in terms of electronic real estate, a domain is considered a commercial building and a website is compared to an office space or a store within that building. Likewise, domains have been packaged in a variety of metaphors, such as virtual malls and electronic shopping centers.

What you do with your domain is entirely up to you. For example: If you already have an existing business and you are already successfully marketing your products through conventional distribution channels, you can use your domain two ways:

(1) To promote and sell your existing product on the Web, and
(2) Encourage other businesses to place advertising within your domain, giving you two sources of revenue from your domain.

In the same manner that you can build any type of building on a piece of real estate (a mini mail, a movie house, an off ice building, a hospital, a car dealership, etc.), you can design your domain to be anything you want, depending on your skills and your business objectives. You can build your domain as a search engine, as a technical showcase, as an online magazine, a catalog, a 24-hour customer service bulletin board, an automated order taking service, a package tracking service, an advertising placement service, etc. Since the Internet market is extensive and varied, the ideas and the opportunities of what you can do with your domain are limited only by your imagination.

On this page, we are going to explore your options for establishing a cost-effective Internet business presence, and building your own power domain.

You can design your domain from scratch and maintain its day-to-day operations or you can buy a pre-designed domain, with a software structure already built-in to it. This page will discuss domain management strategies that can guide you in creating your own domain, using your ideas and doing it on your own, regardless of your technical expertise. The web has an abundance of talent, extremely capable of providing you technical services in areas where you may need assistance.

"Domains" are the future of the World Wide Web. For instance, a March 11, 1996 Time Magazine article outlines AT&T's introduction of its new Worldnet Access service. At first glance, the news of AT&T's entry into the already overcrowded access-provider business may appear like it was no news at all. After all, this is one rumor a lot of Internet watchers were anticipating to happen. In short, it was inevitable.

What is most amazing, though, is AT&T 's rate structure. AT&T announced that it would offer its regular residential telephone customers - all 80 million of them - five hours of Internet access each month - FOR FREE.

In a single stroke of its marketing wand, AT&T will deliver the Internet to 80 million people. And a price that the market can't say ďno" to. This will simply speed up the growth of the World Wide Web. As a domain owner, this means that the World Wide Web will eventually become ubiquitous, and its use as a vehicle for mass information will be commonplace. The opportunities domain ownership brings are enormous. The race is on for virtual commerce on the Internet. Having your own domain is your hot ticket to this new economic bonanza.






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