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Virtual Servers. A Virtual Server is a portion of computer which resides at a remote location that stores Web pages and is connected to the Internet. This computer can be accessed via Web Site Management software, FTP, TELNET, or using one of many HTML editors. A Virtual Server is assigned its own DOMAIN NAME (like and can have virtually an unlimited number of directories and thousands of files. In our opinion, anyone doing business on the Internet, must sooner or later, have his/her own domain to maximize their business potential.



The Internet is made up of (or shared by) different types of domains, each of them identified by the three-letter code that follows the domain name:

.com Commercial (Business & Industry)
.edu Education Institutions
.gov Government (Non-military)
.mil Military and Defense
.org Organizations (Non-profit)
.net Network (Service networks)

For obvious reasons, we will limit our discussions to commercial domains, which by themselves are diverse in format, structure and purpose. To illustrate this quickly, here are three different commercial domains, with different formats, structures, and purposes. - This domain serves as a search engine. Its purpose is to help web users locate specific files or topics anywhere on the web. It is supported through grants and a small amount of corporate sponsorship. - This domain serves as an advertising site for Toyota. Its purpose is to promote its products and services to people who use the web. The cost for maintaining this domain is financed by Toyota, as a public relations and advertising expense. - This domain serves as a public advertising venue. Its purpose is to provide a medium wherein small businesses can place their corporate and product advertising on the Web. It is financed 100% by advertising fees by these small businesses.

Some domains are designed for profit. Others serve as a PR or a customer-service tool. Some domains are successful because they are artsy; some are successful because they are practical. Some domains are already profitable, while some expect to become profitable soon.





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